What is the minimum order required?

All SWAK Wholesale orders require an initial opening first purchase with a retail minimum of $400 USD to receive your discount.Orders over $1000 USD retail, receive a greater discount percentage. You can mix or match any styles, sizes and/or quantities. Once you have established your wholesale business with us, you can request a GOLD membership where minimum wholesale purchases of $250 would need to be met per order. In order to keep your account in GOLD standing, a quarterly purchase of $1000 needs to be met. Should your purchases fall below that amount your account will be reset to regular wholesale. Wholesale accounts with no order for 12 months will be suspended and reset to retail status. All reinstated accounts will require a $400 minimum re-opening order to reinstate wholesale status.

Wholesale is responsible to pay their shipping costs. 

Discount coupons and the VIP program are for retail customers only.

Questions or concerns please contact:  wholesale@swakdesigns.com

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